A New Creation

The creation of Central Coast Wine begins with a uniquely crafted organic compost, tilled on location at Central Hill. Careful of each ingredient, this compost boasts a balanced acidity specifically designed for a grapevine’s optimal growth.

The display of snowy mountains rises from the west. Crisp night air falls in with the glow of the sun; a glow that lingers over the Central basin throughout the day. These rolling hills, teeming with the life of vineyards is a land where grapes were meant to be grown. The fusion of nature’s elements creates the smooth, complex flavor Central Coast wine is known for. Central Coast Wine envelops this place, bringing the mystique of the region to your lips with each sip.

Next, the grapes are nourished, picked, crushed and processed in barrels on site. Actively involved in each step of this process, a dedicated team celebrates every stage of the life of the grape and takes joy in its journey at Central Hill. The Central heritage in the fruit industry offers yet another benefit to this process: all wine is produced in a climate controlled warehouse. This high level of direction ensures the best possible environment for wine making.